Crew mfg has been involved & working with some of the most prominent companies world wide, & locally for decades. We began in a small room printing skateboard decks and apparel design in 83’ in Santa Cruz (NHS Inc) & San Fransisco (Printime/Tharasher/

Skateboarding is a game changer for improving lives.

It will not go away as planned.

Crew mfg has been serving organizations w/ Screen Printing, Skateboard Printing & Apparel Design, Development, Production Management, Graphic & Web Service. We also offer Ship Direct Services helping bands, Skaters and trade shows, & other organizations on the road!

A family run business that thrives from others thriving. We like to keep our community positive & clean! Networking & referrals always serves everyone well.

Crew mfg is a company that was founded from action sports culture and a healthy lifestyle to reinvigorate that old commodity & to brighten product & promotions.

Crew mfg is a multifaceted company located in Oceanside & San Clemente CA. 

Skateboarding since 70's.

BL'AST! HC since the 80's.


Positive Mental Additude!

Thank You!

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