Crew mfg ~ Apparel Group

 Crew mfg is a veteran owned and operated, fully capable screen printing company located in California. We offer a full range of custom t-shirt printing services including: 

  • Graphic design & Web Services
  • In house separations & film output
  • Full PMS matching of plastisol, discharge, water based & most specialty inks
  • Retail packaging & distribution
    …and just about anything else you might need for your brand, company, team, or event. 
  • Production Cut & Sew Management
  • Sourcing & Development 
    We accommodate customers of all sizes. Whether you have an order of 12 pieces for a small business, or you need 100,000+ pieces for a retail order, we have the experience, equipment and capability to make it all happen on time, and for a very competitive price. 
    Crew mfg is fully insured, socially compliant, and registered and licensed with the California Department of Labor Standards Enforcement.

    Crew mfg apparel group has been working with some of the most prominent companies world wide, & locally for decades. We Began in a small room printing skateboard decks and apparel design in 83’ in Santa Cruz. Crew mfg has been serving organizations w/ Screen Printing, Design, Development, Production Management, Graphic & Web Service. We also offer Ship Direct Services helping bands, and trade shows, & other organizations on the road!

    A family run business that thrives from others thriving. We like to keep our community positive & clean! Networking & referrals always serves everyone well.

    Crew MFG is a company that was founded from action sports culture and a healthy lifestyle to reinvigorate that old commodity and liven  promotions.

    Crew mfg is a multifaceted screen printing shop located in CA.


    Crew mfg can help you with your Artwork, & Design. If you already have your design please send artwork in the following requirements. High Resolution minimum of 300 dpi as close to actual size as possible. Contact us for assistance for all Artwork & Design.



    Crew mfg apparel group offers Screen Printing, Design, Development, Production Management, Graphic & Web Design, Licensing, E Commerce, Ship Direct Services! 🦅